28 April 16, Mads Thimmer

Norwegian Business Council

Breakfast Meeting with Mads Thimmer from Innovation Lab!

On 28th of April, we held our very first Breakfast Meeting at Media One Hotel. Mads Thimmer from Innovation Lab was there to talk to us about digitalization. It turned out to be an inspiring session for all that were present, as we realized through his brilliant presentation how the world around us is rapidly changing in ways we would not have imagined before.


About Mads Thimmer

He is the co-founder and CEO for Innovation Lab. He studied Literature History at the University of Cambridge, translated Virginia Wolf, developed games for Games Workshop and started a mobile network in Lithuania. He used to blog for Institute for the Future's blog Future Now, worked as a Special Advisor to the Tech Museum in Sand Diego and co-funder of Cambridge Wireless at Cambridge Network. He is the co-authour to several books, travels the world to hold seminars and is well known for voicing his opinions publically. He is as international by nature as he is diverse in his background, and dare we say that he is a charismatic and brilliant lecturer.


About Innovation Lab

The first PC in Denmark blew up. Since then, the IT-guru Preben Mejer did better. After introducing the PC to the Danes, he also presented them with the internet. In 2001 he met Mads Thimmer and together they started Innovation Lab. Since its inception, Innovation Lab has been a constant probe into new digital technologies, new digital business models and new digital organizational formats. It has established an international network comprising close to 2500 connections within worldwide research, product development and entrepreneurship. Through talks, articles, workshops, seminars and projects they provide a comprehensive list of the potentials and challenges facing businesses and organisations. In 2013 Innovation Lab, now owned and managed by Mads Thimmer, reinvented itself as a cluster of 15 individual companies. This was a transition from organisation to organism, intended to bring together the best of corporate culture and entrepreneurship. Find out more on http://innovationlab.net/


About the talk

Can we just say that if you weren't there you missed out?!

We are happy to share the presentation with you though! Drop us an email on info@nbcuae.org and we'll send it right over.