27 april 16, Thea Myhrvold

Norwegian Business Council

Nordic Sundowner with Thea Myhrvold and Teach Me Now!


On the 27th of April we gathered in the fabulous Marina Yach Club for a the monthly Nordic Sundowner. We were so lucky that Thea Myhrvold agreed to give us an inspring talk about Teach Me Now and her experiences being a successful entrepreneur in Dubai.


About Thea Myhrvold

Thea has a passion for education and is trained as a teacher. She is Norwegian, but has an arabic background, so it is not by coincidence that she chose to start her business in this part of the world. Her desire to teach and spread knowledge, coupled with a keen interest for user interface design and technology, led her to develop the worlds first gamified educational app covering highschool material. She then ventured on to starting up Teach Me Now under the company EdTech Soulutions.


About Teach Me Now

Teach Me Now provides a virtual classroom for teachers and students looking to enrich their academic experience. Anyone can be a student and anyone can be a teacher. As a student you can choose your teacher through looking at their profile that they have added, checking out their ratings from other students as well as trying them out for free in the first 10 minutes of a class. After you've chosen your teacher, you pay by the minute. All lessons are in real time. As a teacher, you can uplode your profile explaining your expertice to potential students and set your fee. Teach Me Now provides the platform upon this exchange can happen, making virtual education a reality. Check them out on www.teachmenow.com!


About the Nordic Sundowner

The Nordic Sundowner is an arrangement between the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish business councils in Dubai where we take turns in arranging a monthly event, inviting all members of all councils to attend. The hosting council sets the venue, and makes arrangements for a key note speaker for the event. This time it was the Norwegians turn, and the next Nordic Sundowner will be arranged by the Finnish Business Council on the 25th of may.